Sparkling Futsushu

A playful sparkling sake with lively notes of white peach and honeysuckle underscored by hints of toasted almonds and minerality.



Intriguing sweet flavours of prune and date paste transform to a bone dry, almost spicy finish.  Aromas of miso, fudge and sesame.

Aki no Ta

Junmai Ginjo

Expressive nose of Autumn leaves, tiramisu, raisin and salt.  Elegant palate reflecting the nose and finishing on dried fig.

Hideyoshi Umeshu

Plum infused sake

Gorgeous aromatics of ripe plum and sweet marzipan lead seamlessly to a rich, tangy, ripe plum finishing cleanly with a note of almond.

Sakura Hira Hira

Nigori Junmai

Cherry blossom and yoghurt aromatics are present in this lightly fizzy, strawberry yoghurt-like flavoured nigori Sake.

Josen Gold Kinpaku


Containing edible gold flakes for celebrations this Sake has a delicate, subtle nose with hints of white chocolate and white asparagus and a lovely mineral, warm finish.


Junmai Daiginjo

Fresh mineral overtones with white flowers. A delicate start in the mouth evolves into honeydew melon and a sweet smooth almond finish with a creamy texture.

Flying Pegasus


A limited edition, blended aged Daiginjo presented in a gold flake covered bottle. Complex on the palate with enveloping aromas and a pleasing, long lasting finish.

Hideyoshi 10 yr old Koshu

Junmai Koshu

Aged for at least 10 years.  Amazing salty caramel, cocoa and enoki mushroom aromatics.  An explosion of herbal notes balances the acidity with a round, full texture.


Rice Shochu

Encapsulating the delicate sweetness of Akita Komachi rice, this 5 year aged, smooth Shochu has distinctively rich, woody aromatics and old oak flavours.



Rice Shochu

A Rice Shochu which makes an excellent, unobtrusive, gentle base for cocktails.  Easily adaptable for many cocktail recipes.

Minato Tsuchizaki

Yamahai Futsushu

A traditional, Yamahai style Sake with a fruity bouquet of lychee, pineapple, vanilla and peach.  Delicious drunk cold or warm.

Ringo Mansaku

Apple infused amazake

Light, refreshing and bursting with the delicate sweetness of locally grown Jonathan apples. Enjoy over ice, or as a base for cocktails.

Hyakunen Mae

Kimoto Junmai Koshu

Complex with clean, salty caramel and aged soy sauce on the nose.  Caramel, salt and smoke with a coffee and chocolate aftertaste.

Katafune Lagoon Boat

Tokubetsu Honjozo

White asparagus and olive aromatics.  Lovely soft, yet fresh, palate; full flavoured, unctuous and easy-drinking.

Katafune Lagoon Boat


A deep, rich, flavoursome Sake with savoury umami notes which makes an excellent partner for rich food.  Equally delicious chilled or warm.

Katafune Lagoon Boat

Junmai Ginjo

Beautiful clean, almost floral, nose of unripe melon and banana.  Warm mid palate with a delicate, long, earthy finish with mineral notes.

Sanzen Omachi

Tokubetsu Junmai

A restrained and elegant Omachi Sake with earthy, mushroom aromatics accompanying an ample umami savouriness and the quintessential spicy finish.

Kiseki no Osake

Junmai Ginjo

Brewed using rice cultivated under the pesticide/fertilizer-free Kimura Natural Cultivation Method under the supervision of Akinori Kimura.

Sanzen Omachi

Junmai Daiginjo

Made from Omachi rice this is a premium, luxurious sake with a smooth texture and ample flavour to be enjoyed chilled.

Akitora Tiger


Unassuming, excellently balance of richness and acidity with a hint of berry fruit.  Gentle fragrance, fine texture and a lingering aftertaste.

Akitora Yamadanishiki

Tokubetsu Junmai 

Made with rice polished to 80% it has a lovely fruity, restrained flavour with yuzu-like aromas and hints of green apple and William pear.

Akitora Tiger

Junmai Ginjo

Tropical aromas of mango and banana.  Full bodied, quite voluminous with a clean, peppery dry finish.


Tokubetsu Junmai

Toffee apple, pineapple and sweet chestnuts on the nose.  Soft and silky with notes of Pink Lady apples, cherry and honeydew melon and a white pepper finish.


Junmai Ginjo

Rich fruit on the nose; mango, lemon and peaches.  Oily and rich yet full and smooth with a sweet fruity flavour.

Yuzu Schwa

Sparkling Yuzu Sake

A dazzling and elegant sparkling sake with a twist of natural Yuzu fruit from Kochi prefecture.  Its refreshing taste makes it a perfect aperitif which everyone enjoys.

Kuncho Junmai


Enoki-like mushroom aroma.  Soft and delicate palate with an oily texture and a light and fruity banana finish. Perfect warm and cold.

Kuncho Tokubetsu Junmai

Tokubetsu Junmai 

Delicate ginjo aromatics; well-balanced acidity and rich, yet refreshing, taste.  Made from locally grown Hinohikari rice.

Kuncho Nigori

Nama Genshu

Clean, fresh button mushroom aroma.  Rhubarb on the palate combines with a rich rice sweetness and pleasantly dry finish.



Barley Shochu

A worldwide award-winning barley shochu with a smooth, rich flavour.  Best served straight on the rocks to enjoy its delicious barley flavour.

Zenryo Yamadanishiki


Beautiful nose with peach, apricot and muscat also present on the lovely fruity palate which finishes with a lingering, dry minerality.

Koimari Saki


Elegant, easy-drinking ginjo with sea breeze on the nose.  Lychee and young red shiso leaves blend with a gentle umami sweetness.

Koimari Saki Yamadanishiki

Junmai Ginjo

Delicate, fruit of red cherries and apricot blend with a raspberry acidity mirrored on the creamy, savoury palate finishing with a mellow acidity and a spicy finish.

Koimari Saki Oyamanishiki


Junmai Ginjo 

Herbal nose of cinnamon, eucalyptus, basil and green apple.  Lively, refreshingly vibrant palate with green apple and pear and a dry, mouthwatering finish.

Koimari Saki Omachi


Junmai Ginjo

Hints of strawberry, cream, pineapple and sweet chestnut in both the aromatics and on the palate.  Extremely elegant with umami and a spicy finish.

Koimari Saki


Developing aromas of lavender and sea water with a pear and honey finish.  Delicate, earthy palate releases a marzipan flavour once allowed to breathe.

Koimari Saki

Junmai Daiginjo

Intense palate with a slight saltiness and meaty aromas of bacon and Serrano ham.  Delicately smooth with a creamy texture.  Earthy with melon and white chocolate.

Nomanne Cup


Lovely Junmai presented in an Imari porcelain cup.  Fruity palate of peach, apricot and muscat which finishes with a lingering, dry minerality.

Azumacho Honjozo


A delicious Sake with hints of dates and prune paste with dried figs and toasted brioche.  Delicate, creamy, soft palate with a marzipan finish.

Azumacho Daiginjo


Made of locally grown Yamadanishiki rice, an elegant and clean Sake which makes a perfect match for seafood.

Azumacho Junmai Daiginjo

Junmai Daiginjo

Opens with intensity.  Aromas evoke memories of fresh figs and roasted almonds.  Umami rich palate with a lovely mineral finish.

Ureshino Genmaicha

Green Tea Shochu

Intensely aromatic Shochu with roasted rice and green tea which carries on to the beautifully mellow palate.  Refreshing, smooth and very easy-drinking.


Water Chestnut Shochu

Distilled from an aquatic plant, "Hishi" related to water chestnut this is an outstandingly unique Shochu. Clean on the palate and very easy-drinking.

Kiss of the Witch

Roasted Barley Shochu

An intriguing Shochu with an intense, but smooth, smoky flavour of roasted barley.  Extremely easy to drink on the rocks or straight.

Shima no Napoleon

Brown Sugar Shochu

Brewed in the warm climate of the Amami Oshima islands, Shima no Napoleon brings to life the deep caramel notes of brown sugar.


Brown Sugar Shochu

A lovely Brown Sugar Shochu with developed caramelised notes from aging of unprocessed Shochu for three years.


Brown Sugar Shochu

An excellent Brown Sugar Shochu which has been aged in an earthenware pot for more than five years.  Drinks like a top quality white rum.