Akita Prefecture

Hideyoshi Sake Brewery


Hideyoshi is produced by Suzuki Shuzo-ten, one of Akita Prefecture's oldest Sake Breweries with over 300 years of history.  While they may be one of the oldest breweries, nowadays they are also leaders of innovation in Akita Prefecture.  They also enjoy a natural supply of one of the softest, creamiest waters in Japan which is reflected in the style of their deliciously soft and elegant range of Sake.

Ginrin brewery

Naba Shoten

Located near to Tsuchizaki Harbour, Naba Shoten Corporation's main brand is named after this harbour, "Minato Tsuchizaki", and has been a local favourite since it was launched in 1815.  Naba Shoten produces Sake at low temperatures in the cold of the Akita winter leading to hearty, flavoursome Sake.  Their style of Sake is a perfect accompaniment to the grilled and fried seafood eaten locally.

Hinomaru brewery


Founded in 1689, Hinomaru has over 300 years of history in brewing Sake.  At the same time as embracing their history by producing an aged Sake using yeast and koji dating back 100 years, they also embrace modern styles and have created an apple fruit infusion which encapsulates the essence of the flavour of Japanese apples.

Niigata Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture

Okayama Prefecture

Katafune Brewery


Takeda Shuzo brewery has won many awards for their Sake produced using their local Koshitanrei rice in an innovative way.  Their style of Sake breaks away from the typical Niigata crisp and dry tanrei style and has a full body rich with savoury notes while retaining an elegant hint of sweetness.

Hourai Brewery


The Watanabe Sake Brewery, who produce the "Hourai" brand, mainly use local Sake rice and benefit from the spring water coming from the Hida Alps.  They are an award winning brewery with over 30 prizes awarded in Japan, Europe and the US including the IWC Trophy Award for Futsushu.

Kikuchi sake brewery


The Kikuchi Sake Brewery's main brand is "Sanzen" and the President, To Kikuchi, brews the Sanzen Sake very carefully, overseeing every step of the brewing process himself.  They also brew the "Kiseki no Osake" brand which means "Miracle Sake" and uses rice grown according to the pesticide/fertilizer/herbicide-free Kimura Natural Cultivation Method under the supervision of Akinori Kimura.

Kochi Prefecture

Akitora brewery


The brand "Akitora" is named after a Samurai warrior from the 16th Century and Arimitsu Sake Brewery have taken the meaning of "tora" (tiger) and used it to market their Sake with each of their grades having a different image of a tiger appearing on it.  While having a wild appearance on the label, their Sake is mild and calm with a solid flavour making it ideal to pair with food.

Bijofu brewery


"Bijofu" is the brand name of Sake produced by Hamakawa Shoten using subterranean water from the Nahari river after it has flown throught the forest from Mt Jinkichigamori.  This crystal clear water enables the release of the delicious fragrance of yuzu from their Yuzu Schwa which is bottled and stored at a very low 2 degrees Centigrade.

Minami Brewery


Established at the beginning of the Meiji Era in 1870, all of their Sake is made using yeast from Kochi Prefecture and they specialise in Junmai Sake.  Their style of Sake is very flavoursome and is ideal for enjoying with a meal.

Saga Prefecture

Azumacho Brewery


Seto Shuzo is located in a quiet, rural town rich with cool, clear water essential to making their delicious "Azumacho" Sake.  The brewery was started in 1789 and their Sake has been enjoyed by the local population for generations.

Koimari brewery


Located near to the port of Imari where the famous Arita porcelain was shipped worldwide, Koimari Shuzo have decided they want their Sake to be enjoyed worldwide too.  They have embraced their history and sell some of their Sake in Imari ware cups.  Established in 1909, they celebrated their centenary by launching their new "Koimari Saki" brand.

Yamato Sake Brewery


Yamato Brewery is relatively young in brewery terms, only being established in 1975 and they have taken advantage of their short history to become a very contemporary and dynamic brewery producing some unique flavours of Shochu including Genmaicha green tea.

Kagoshima Prefecture - Amami Oshima

Nishikawa Shuzo


Based on the Amami Oshima islands in Southern Japan, Nishikawa Shuzo takes the advantage of their warm climate to produce an amazing range of brown sugar shochu even aging some of them to produce a smoother flavour on the palate.