Our Sake

Sam Sake is proud to have a wide range of Sake styles in our portfolio including Sake which is equally at home paired with European cuisine, such as Italian and French, as with Japanese cuisine and also have an eclectic range of Shochu.

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Our Breweries

Sam Sake currently works with 14 Breweries in 7 Prefectures stretching from the soft, delicate, aromatic Sake of Akita Prefecture in the North to the flavoursome but mellow brown sugar Shochu from the warm climate of Amami Oshima islands in the South.

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At Sam Sake, we understand our customer's desire for education to enable them to understand and fully appreciate the qualities of Sake.  We have therefore teamed up with Marie Cheong-Thong who is a WSET Sake Educator.

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Our Story

Sam Sake is the result of a chance meeting by Sarah Wedgbury and Szymon Malochleb in October 2008 over a glass of Sake at a Sake Tasting Dinner presenting Sake from 5 different Breweries of Akita Prefecture.  Discovering a common desire to make delicious, high quality Sake more accessible to the British public, they combined Sarah's Japanese skills and Sake knowledge and Szymon's logistics knowledge and import business and teamed up to ship Sake under refrigerated conditions initially from Akita Prefecture in 2009.  Over the past 9 years, the range has increased and they are now shipping in Sake from all over Japan.

Szymon Malochleb & Sarah Wedgbury

Discover our range of Sake

We have a wide range of different Sake styles including sparkling Sake, aged Sake and fruit infused Sake including an exquisite Umeshu plum Sake.